Why Rent?

Avoid Obsolescence

    By using our rental facility, you will have an option included in your contract to add, replace or upgrade your equipment with potentially no increase in rental cost. This provides significantly more options as your company grows or technology changes.

Reduce impact on cash

    By financing equipment via the rental option, the cost of the equipment is spread over several years removing the need to make a large capital outlay as soon as the equipment is installed. This enables the solution to 'pay for itself', and gives you the option to choose a more suitable, higher cost solution with less impact on cash flow.

Rental repayments are classed as a "Operating Expense".

    Our rental contracts are worded so that the repayments can be classed as a Operating Expense. This not only provides a potential acceleration of tax relief, but also removes the need to capitalize the item, and borrowing, on the balance sheet. The monthly rentals are treated as an operating expense and are usually considered 100% tax deductible.

Fixed repayments.

    Unlike a normal bank facility, the repayments stated on a rental contract are fixed for the duration of the contract. This enables a company to precisely calculate it's future budgeted costs.

Additional credit facility.

    The rental agreement falls outside the customers existing lines of credit, leaving these available for other uses.

No additional security required.

    The equipment is the only security needed for a rental contract. Your collateral remains untouched which means you can use your collateral against future expansion or challenges facing your company.

Flexible End of Term (EOT) Options

    At the end of the rental term the lessee will have three alternatives. Upgrade or replace with new equipment. Extend the rental period with reduced rental repayments. Return the equipment with no further payments required.